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Why Move Your Business to Exeter?

Exeter city centre. Offices at No.1

Exeter is arguably one of the most scenic cities in England. With just under 130,000 people, Devon’s capital city boasts a bustling centre and beautiful surroundings. We are just a 20-minute drive from the beach, and a similar distance from the wild moors, and with great places to eat and drink, it's perfect for a holiday - but what about building your business here?

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to consider renting Office Space in Exeter...

1. The government is investing in the area – Exeter is the new up and coming city

Between 2011 and 2016, Exeter city council was given 500 million pounds to invest in the city. The council are improving infrastructure, redeveloping the centre to include a new city centre swimming pool and science park. Private businesses are also investing in the area, with new coffee shops, bars and offices popping up all over the city. What better time to consider upping sticks and starting a business of your own here?

Why move your business to Exeter city centre 

2. Exeter is extremely well connected 

Need to pop up to London for a meeting? Well in just 2 hours you’ll be in Paddington Station, raring to go after a scenic route and a cup of coffee. Thinking of investing in the South West? Exeter is just 1 hour from Plymouth, along the beautiful English Riviera, and just an hour from Bristol. We are only 2 hours from Birmingham, and merely 2 and a half from Cardiff. 

Need to do business in Glasgow? 1 train will take you all the way from Exeter to Glasgow in less than 7 hours. Although, you may do better taking an easy flight from Exeter’s local airport – for £80 RT you can fly all the way to Glasgow in a cool 1 hour and 35 minutes. There’s no doubt Exeter is one of the best-connected cities in the country.

Exeter St Davids train station close to Offices at No.1 Exeter


3. Exeter is a ‘young’ and increasingly diverse city

Whilst we can obviously comment on the brilliant young people coming out of Exeter’s Russell Group University (20,000 of them to be exact), the city is becoming ever more diverse for other reasons.

As London becomes unaffordable for many, a mirage of young people are biting the bullet and moving to a city that has affordable housing, a great social experience and, well, simply more fresh air per person. [Exeter University boasts that their ‘trees remove pollution equivalent to emissions from 798 family cars’ every year!]

If you’re looking for new talent and a vibrant, growing, scene then why not start in Exeter?

Gandy Street in Exeter close to Offices at No.1

4. House prices are low (for now)

Exeter is fast becoming a popular city location to move to. For a city centre house, with plenty of places to visit and great days out for the kids, you are looking at an average of £220-300,000 for a 3-bedroom house. At that price Exeter is far better value for money than either Bristol or London, and just as well connected.

Exeter Quay close to Offices at No.1


5. Community spirit is rife here

Exeter is an exceedingly friendly place. You’ll find everyone willing to help, have a good chat and encourage you in your work. Need a helping hand? Just ask - with many different businesses and opportunities within walking distance of the city centre, you’ll be sure to find someone happy to help with any issue you might have.

In 2017 a survey called ‘Unbroken Britain’, found London to be the least welcoming, friendly and happy place in the country, with Bristol following at a close second from bottom. Whilst Exeter was not included in this survey, neighbouring city Plymouth came in as the 13th most friendly place in the country and was the 10th for happiest place to live. We think you’ll find a pretty similar level of happiness here!

You can’t put a price on good human connection, so why not improve your companies own happiness ratings with a move to the friendly city of Exeter?

Exeter Quay close to Offices at No.1. Community spirit in Exeter

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