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The End of Working 9-5?

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It’s been a long-standing tradition and expected by most when entering the world of employment that your working hours will be 9am to 5pm, but is it time for a change?

With plenty of of discussions and research around this topic, it can be argued that the tides are changing for many of us. The rise of remote and flexible working suggests that value of personal life is being regarded as just important as our careers, and we are now looking for jobs that work for us. 

Read on to find out some of the benefits of this new flexible way of working.


Family friendly

Having the choice to shape your hours around your life allows you the option to attend those family events that somebody chose to start in the early afternoon.  You'd be able to make your child’s parents’ evening without the worry and stress of being stuck in traffic whilst watching the clock race past the time you should’ve arrived. Flexible hours really allow you to balance your personal and work life in a way that enables many to feel more connected to their family members.

Cutting of the commute 

 For many, the long travel times and ever growing traffic queues are expected. This needn’t be the case anymore. Choosing your start time to be either before or after the morning rush allows you a more streamline morning commute. For many, it will also save on the stress of having a given start-time, which seems to get harder to reach every morning, especially if you're a bit of a night owl. 

Hours that match you

We clearly don’t all share the same window of time that we work best within; some of us are more productive in the early hours, whilst others are much more fruitful later on in the day, or even working into the night. You know you best, so having the option to set your hours around your personal preferences allows you to align your working time more effectively. 


These are just a few of the benefits that can be gained should you be given the opportunity to break the 9-5 working day that many of us have come to accept. Of course, some may argue that flexible working, mixed with modern technology are both leading to a blurring of lines of when we are working (receiving emails and updates at home, can make many of us engage back into our work). But, as many employers begin to go against the grain, we believe that slowly 9-5 will become a thing of the past.


We offer office space in Exeter with 24-hour access, allowing you to truly set your own hours and see what works for you. Explore our site to see the options we have.


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