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Co-Working Over The Coffee Shop

Co-Working in Exeter

We’re sure most of you will agree that coffee and working go hand in hand. Whilst it’s not too strange these days to set up your workstation at a local coffee shop, doing so regularly can be counter-productive and expensive. There are some environments that are just better suited to getting work done. An alternative solution to up your productivity and motivation is renting a desk in a co-working space. Here are our top reasons as to why you should do so!


You’re more likely to find the motivation to work in an environment where everyone else is doing the same as you. It’s great finding a cosy corner in a coffee shop an’ all, but it’s usually a short-term buzz. When you see others around you working and collab'ing on exciting projects, it’s pretty contagious. 


Yes, co-working spaces may have many people, but they’re there (and paying to be there) for a reason. To work. Coffee shops are unpredictable with the level of noise from screaming babies, loud talkers and gossiping teenagers.


In a co-working environment, you will have the opportunity to associate with other like-minded professionals, digital nomads and entrepreneurs - you may meet useful people with skills and knowledge that could lead to collaborations and business activities for your venture. 

As well as networking on a business level, it’s a great way to make new friends, too! 


Many co-working spaces come with the option to use meeting rooms. This can be really helpful if you ever need to meet with a client or set up a team project. Other perks include access to copiers, scanner and printers, and usually coffee, too! 


It’s imperative for co-working spaces to have good, fast WiFi, whereas the Wi-Fi in a coffee shop is not necessarily made for workers.  


You don’t want to feel like you should be purchasing drinks or food at regular intervals to justify your time spent in a coffee shop. Save your pennies, a calorie and caffeine overload and pack your own lunch, bringing it with you to your chosen co-working space.


Working in a co-working space, you can get up to 24-hour access, meaning you could work at any time, on any day. Get to work at a time that suits you instead of getting up early to get a ‘good spot’ in a coffee shop, and being kicked out at closing time, where most likely, all momentum disappear. 

Did we mention there’s a coffee brewer brewing fresh locally roasted beans right outside Office at No.1? The best of both worlds! 

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