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What is a Virtual Office and How do They Work?

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What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office holds many benefits for your business, allowing your company to grow and portray a professional and sleek presence. It allows employees and business owners the freedom to work remotely, either from the comfort or their home or a quiet library, whilst providing use of business functions. Not only does this cut costs by not having to pay rent for an actual office space, but it also allows you to maintain a presence in a desirable location. This gives businesses a physical address with no long term contract, allowing you to focus solely on your work.

What services do a Virtual Office provide?

A business postal address

Rather than your business popping up on Google Maps in a residential area, give it a more prestigious address. Not only will this look for professional, but you will also come across as a more reliable company to do business with.

A receptionist

You will have someone on hand to help you arrange meetings, whether it be a local coffee shop or in a meeting room. They can also help you manage your incoming calls and transfer them over to you if you prefer that extra touch.

Envelope opening and scanning service

All mail will be scanned and emailed over to you, allowing you to stay on top of your admin no matter where you are.

Access to meeting rooms

If you prefer a more professional and structured approach to meetings, this service will allow you access to meeting rooms.

Whether you’re running a business that is already off the ground or you’re a freelancer, a remote office space will allow you the flexibility to use a business address whilst giving you the freedom to work anywhere. You will still hold valuable services, such as the ones listed, but your outgoings will reduce dramatically.

Freelancing or running a small business but not ready for a rental agreement or can’t afford a Serviced Office currently?

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What is a Virtual Office and How do They Work? Exeter Virtual Office


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