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5 Ways to Beat Procrastination and Be The Best You

5 ways to beat procrastination and be the best you

Many of us know that procrastination is the bane of our working lives. Distractions have a way of helping us to pass hours of the day; when we should’ve been tackling our ever-growing work loads. Escaping unproductive environments and into dedicated spaces for work can be enough to push many of us into productivity. 

But for those days where nothing seems to be focusing your mind, here are our top 5 ways to help you find your way back to motivation.

1. Self-set deadlines

For those of you who take the liberty of a long timeframe to complete work, becoming your own boss may be the only way. Creating a deadline for yourself, putting it on your calendar and sticking to it can be a way to ensure you aren’t window gazing.  

2. Break down the job

Sometimes, the vast amount of work required to complete a task can be overwhelming and enough to push us all into a procrastination state of mind. Breaking it down into smaller tasks and concentrating on one at a time can help to make the impossible, seem possible.

3. Turn off your phone

We all know that a one minute check of our phone soon turns into an hour. Whilst Instagram is great… turning your phone off for at least an hour, can help you forget about what your friend is doing on their annual holiday and boost your productivity. 

4. Be your own best-friend

We often get so caught up in the whirlwind of deadlines and lack of work to reach them, that we become our biggest critics. Stop labelling yourself as a procrastinator and spend time at the end of each day to recognise the work that you did do. Positivity counteracts procrastination.

5. Give yourself procrastination time

This final step may seem a bit crazy after all of the prior advice but procrastination doesn’t have to be all bad. We can’t all work flat out every hour of the day, giving yourself a dedicated time period to be the best version of your procrastinating-self, can help you feel fulfilled and ready to be productive.


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